IDU Receives Validation from the University of Wolverhampton


IDU Receives Validation from the University of Wolverhampton

IDU is proud to announce that it has received validation from the prestigious University of Wolverhampton. But what does this mean?

Validation from the University of Wolverhampton signifies that the diploma issued by IDU in Uzbekistan is recognized as equivalent to a diploma granted by the University of Wolverhampton.

Key points of the validation process include:

Capability Assessment: The University of Wolverhampton conducted a thorough assessment of IDU’s capabilities and confirmed their alignment with modern teaching requirements and philosophy.

Systematic Program Evaluation: Regular evaluations by the University of Wolverhampton ensure that IDU’s academic programs and modules meet the standards and requirements of British legislation.

Teaching Quality Control: The University of Wolverhampton actively monitors the quality of teaching at IDU.

Diploma Recognition Certificate: The successful validation of the diploma is further substantiated by a Certificate of Diploma Recognition issued by the University of Wolverhampton. This guarantees the equivalence of IDU’s diploma to a qualification from British higher education and affirms the high quality of education received in Uzbekistan.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as IDU continues to uphold global standards in education!

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