IDU Student Union

We are a student-led organisation that aims to promote student engagement and community on campus. Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive student community that fosters growth, learning, and development.

Student Union hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including:
Professional Development Opportunities
Community Service Projects
Cultural Celebrations
Social Events
General Manager is the separate institution of the SU Full-Time Officials from the Executive Cabinet and represents judicial power, controls the legality of the projects and activities of other SU members and other students’ associations at all.

Shuxrat Hakimov

SU General Manager

President is the first person who represents the interests of students of International Digital University in Tashkent to the Administration and all other viable institutions interested.

Azizbek Jo'rayev

SU President


Bahodir Ismoilov

SU Vice President

The education and Welfare Executive is responsible for the academic support of the SU team to the students of IDU. The education and Welfare Executive is the Representative in Chief for the Academic and Welfare Matters within the University and Dormitory.

Bargida Tilyakova

Girl’s Power officer

The events and Entertainment Executive is responsible for the Social Activities and Events in the University and Complex Projects’ social activities. He is responsible for the Social, Art, Entertaining, Music, and Drama Clubs of WIUT.

Azizbek Jo'rayev

SU President

The information and Communication Executive is responsible for providing and maintaining the appropriate level and channel of communication between Students and the SU Board members via e-mails, available media and other forms of electronic and printed communication.

Zohirjon Rahmatjonov

SU Events Manager

Azizbek Jo’raev

SU President

“Our goal is to ensure that every student has a fulfilling and memorable university experience. We welcome and encourage all students to participate in making our campus a better place for everyone.”

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