Scholarships & Financial Aid

At IDU we offer merit-based scholarships and financial aid programs to support our students in their academic and personal pursuits.

Types of Aid


We provide financial aid options, including government loans, to help our students access the education they need to achieve their academic and career goals.


We will be awarding up to 50 merit-based scholarships for the Foundation Programme in the upcoming 2023/2024 academic year.


For Scholarships:


Applicants must sit both Mathematics and English sections of the ICAT test to be awarded a scholarship, which is a fee waiver offered to all successful applicants of IDU if they have met the conditions set below:



Applicants must have minimum scores in ICAT Mathematics and ICAT English examinations as per the table below.



Only the first examination attempt is considered for the scholarship.


The scores of scholarship applicants are calculated based on the formula

Score=ICAT Mathematics score achieved+ICAT English score achieved

The scores are then sorted in the descending order. The top scoring applicants will be selected based on the table below.

Place in the descending score (see 5.5) order sorted list of qualified scholarship candidatesScholarship as percentage of the contract feeMinimum ICAT Score RequirementAttempt Requirement
Top 290%Minimum 60% ICAT Mathematics score and minimum 60% ICAT English scoreFirst attempt only
Next 850%Minimum 60% ICAT Mathematics score and minimum 60% ICAT English scoreFirst attempt only
Next 830%Minimum 30% ICAT Mathematics score and minimum 40% ICAT English scoreFirst attempt only

Scholarship board meets after every ICAT examination and the scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria.

The decision to award the scholarship shall be made by the Scholarship Board, which is composed of the Chair of the Academic Advisory Board, Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Development Officer, and a member of the academic advisory board.

Scholarship recipients have the right to reject the scholarship offer upon the receipt of the award. If a scholarship recipient decides to leave the university before completing their education without approval of the IDU Executive Council, they have to reimburse the university with the tuition fee for the actual study period.

It is important to note that the IDU Scholarship Board reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the scholarship without notice, and the IDU Executive Council reserves the right to change the number of scholarships without notice.