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Hiring Process

Apply for the job vacancy

Find a job vacancy which posted on the IDU website

Fill in the shortlisting selection, and 2 stage interview processes

After successfully passing all the stages - Welcome to IDU!

Available Vacancies:

Required work experience: 3–6 years

Full time

1. Senior lead for the development and oversight of IDU programmes, i.e. programmes developed and certified by IDU

2. Strategic Responsibility for curriculum development, programme enhancement, teaching, learning, certification and approval for IDU programmes

3. Responsibility for the development of the Institutional internal governance and management processes and procedures specific to the IDU programmes

4. Close cooperation with central departments of IDU, including Quality Assurance, Student Engagement, Academic Registry, Human resources and others to make sure that IDU programmes are delivered in accoradance with the quality and stadards of the institution

5. Responsibility for overseeing administration of IDU programmes, which includes students records, attendance, timetabling, and other matters related to delivery of the programmes and record keeping

6. Engagement in the development of the Strategic plans and their implementation.

7. Coordination of the development and establishment of IDU academic programs and management of academic resources, including engagement in the development of programmes and their implementation.

8. Management of colleagues engaged in the development phase and as assigned, including training, and mentoring of colleagues.

9. Participation in the development processes including related marketing and publicity activities.

Key skills

English — C1 — Advanced
Uzbek — C2 — Perfection
Russian — C2 — Perfection

Required work experience: 3–6 years

Full time

· Managing the quality assurance processes at IDU

· Maintain and implement Quality Assurance and Enhancement calendar at IDU

· Develop and enhance quality assurance related procedures at IDU and Examination Unit

· Develop and maintain a detailed record of quality assurance procedures and prepare the quality assurance related forms, reports, analytical notes

· Organize and serve as a secretary to the meetings related to the quality assurance and enhancement as well as policy development processes

· Develop policies, procedures and instructions for quality assurance at IDU

· Provide data in relation to reporting on compliance to quality assurance regulations

· Oversee the processes of continuous monitoring, course modifications, course approvals, feedback collection and analysis, moderation of assessment and moderation of marks

· Evaluate and ensure the quality and standards of educational leadership and management, teaching and learning

· Network with international inspectorates, organising and participating in international conferences/workshops/meetings related to Quality Assurance and Enhancement

· Ensure compliance of staff to the policies, procedures and instructions approved by the IDU management bodies

· Undertake other duties and responsibilities in consultation with the Chief Development Officer

Minimum qualifications

Education Masters

Experience 3 years of working at HE institution

Languages English, Uzbek and Russian -an advantage

Skills communication, computer, organizational

Key skills

English language
Quality control
Business correspondence
Organizational skills
Business communication
English – C1 – Advanced
Uzbek – C1 – Advanced
Russian – C1 – Advanced

Required work experience: 1-3 years

Full time

Job Description

to assist the Faculty on matters related to timetabling, LMS and student attendance

to monitor students and staff engagement in curricular and extracurricular classes, with provision of monthly reports on student attendance and staff workload implementation

to interface with other departments of the university for smooth delivery of designated services

to handle enquires from students and staff of IDU in accordance with the policy framework of the institution

to arrange additoional session for student in support of their learning journeys at IDU

to manage timetabling of classes, grouping of students and Moodle Engagement

to oversee development of IDU SU

to manage and oversee the conduct of student events

to oversee the effectiveness of extracurricular activities

to advise students on University policies and procedures

to develop systems and procedures for relevant administrative tasks

to manage the processes related to students engagement, including attendance

to help students with accommodation matters

to undertake any other duties the Chief Development Officer requires

Minimum qualifications


Experience2 years of working at HE institution in student services

Languages Uzbek; English and Russian; additional languages – an advantage

Skills people, computer, organizational

Key skills

English language
Business correspondence
Business conversation
Leadership Skills
Team management
Uzbek – C2 – Perfect
English – C1 – Advanced
Russian – C2 – Perfect

Interview Stages

After the candidate has been shortlisted by the HR Department:


HR Department will have a phone-call interview with the candidate to arrange a convenient time for 2 stages of a face-to-face interview.

The first stage of face-to-face interviews is with the HR manager.

The second stage of face-to-face interviews is with the Line manager, the HR manager, and the Director of IDU.

After successfully passing these stages, the candidate will join the University. 

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