Welcome To The International Digital University

We’re so excited you’re here, and we want to help you be aware of what to expect in the first weeks of your studies!

The First Week At The University - Is Orientation Week!

Orientation week is like a big party where we’ll introduce you to everyone on campus and make sure you know how everything works. 

You’ll have fun games and activities, and it’s also just a great way to meet people with similar interests as you.

After You Are Admitted to the university, you will be contacted by the university administration and told when you can begin your studies. The announcement will also be posted on the university’s official social networks, so be in touch!

During Induction Week You Will:

Orientation Week. October, 2022


Meet with an academic advisor to discuss your course options
Take a course orientation that includes information about student resources, policies and procedures, academic integrity, assessment policies and procedures, tutoring support services, and more
Attend a welcome address where you will meet the dean or other senior academic leader
Signing the enrollment form
Get an access to the IDU Learning Management System, University email, and IDU’s Wi-Fi

Welcome To The IDU Family!