Memorandum between IDU and Astrum Academy


We are thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration between Astrum IT Academy and IDU University.* We are delighted to announce the formal signing of a memorandum between Astrum IT Academy and the esteemed IDU University. This remarkable partnership ushers in a new era of opportunities for our graduates, promising to reshape their academic journeys and future prospects. In line with the memorandum inked on August 2nd, graduates from Astrum IT Academy who have successfully completed our rigorous courses and obtained a certificate of course completion, stand to gain a remarkable advantage. They are now eligible for direct admission into the second year at IDU University, a distinguished institution renowned for its academic excellence. The essence of this partnership lies in the fact that Astrum IT Academy graduates can seamlessly transition into higher education, while capitalizing on the skills and knowledge honed during their time with us. The certificate bestowed by Astrum IT Academy holds equivalence to IDU University’s Foundation course certificate. This equivalence bestows upon them access to a plethora of captivating subjects, advanced studies, and unprecedented academic opportunities.

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